Tips for traveiling in Playa del Carmen

How to get

By air

  • Cancun International Airport. Is a modern airport with all services. 20 minutes from Cancun, 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen and 1:30 min. from Tulum. Telephone: +52 998 848 7200.

By land

From Cancun to Playa del Carmen, take the highway 307 south, the approximate distance is 68 km.

By public transportation.

You can take a bus from the airport, the departures are approximately every half hour by ADO line.
Because of the distance is not very large, it is posible to take a taxi from the airport, if you need a more comfortable and fast transfer.


The climate throughout the Riviera Maya is warm, with an average temperature of 26 ° and relative humidity of 85%.
It is advisable to bring fresh clothes throughout the year and in the winter season add a little warm clothes.

How to move locally

Playa del Carmen is a small town. From most hotels, transfers can be made on foot or on bikes that are rented / lent by the accommodation.
By car there are several public transportation routes . There is also a big offer of taxis circulating around the city at any time.
You can also find several leading car rental companies.


Playa del Carmen has tax rate of 16% and 3% for accommodation taxes.

In Playa del Carmen you can pay in all places with national currency, the Mexican peso, and in most of them accept dollar and the euro.
Throughout the city there are exchange houses or banks that can make currency conversion more convenient than commercial establishments.


For a perfect experience in Playa del Carmen, it is basic to get an accommodation that provides the luxuries that you are used to. Such as posada Mariposa Hotel Boutique located in the 5th avenue of Playa del Carmen-

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Fall season, the best time to visit Mexico

Welcome  fall season! It´s  the best time to visit Mexico, pleasant temperatures but days with less light, however travel from September to November (fall season) has its benefits:

Cheaper accommodation.
With less demand, hotels lower  their prices. Such as Posada Mariposa hotel boutique in Playa del Carmen.
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Cheaper flights,
From September to November is the best time to find flights at low prices.

Fewer tourists,
You can visit with more tranquility your destinaton main points.

Good for health.
With fewer tourists, you will achieve the rest and disconnection you want. Traveling in low season guarantees relaxing  trips. For sure your body and mind will appreciate it.

This fall season Playa del Carmen awaits you with accommodation discounts at Posada Mariposa Hotel Boutique.


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Si necesitas ayuda o conoces a alguien que requiera ayuda tras el sismo de este 19 de septiembre, te compartimos la lista se albergues publicados por la Secretaría de Gobernación de la Ciudad de México. También compartimos los albergues habilitados en Puebla y Morelos.

Delegación Álvaro Obregón

  • Deportivo G3. Av. Escuadrón 201 s/n Col. Victoria.

Delegación Azcapotzalco

  • Azcapotzalco.

Delegación Coyoacán

  • Deportivo Rosario Iglesias. Calz. del Hueso 400, Los Girasoles, 04920.

Delegación Cuauhtémoc

  • Plaza del Estudiante. Peña S/N, Cuauhtemoc, centro historico-alameda, Centro.

Delegación Cuajimalpa

  • Deportivo Morelos. José María Castorena s/n, esquina san José de los Cedros.

Delegación Tlalpan

  • Deportivo La Joya. Av. Insurgentes Sur 4342-S, Tlalpan Centro II, 14000 Ciudad de México, CDMX.
  • Villa Olímpica. Avenida Insurgentes Sur 3493, Tlalpan, Miguel Hidalgo Villa Olímpica, 14250 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

Delegación Miguel Hidalgo

  • Deportivo Plan Sexenal. Calle Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca s/n, Miguel Hidalgo, Nextitla, 11420 Ciudad de México, CDMX.
  • Deportivo Pavón. Lago Trasimeno s/n, Pensil Norte, Reforma Pensil, 11430 Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX.
  • Parque Lira. Entrada por la explanada Delegación Miguel Hidalgo.

Delegación Benito Juárez

  • Deportivo Benito Juárez. Calle Uxmal 807B, Sta Cruz Atoyac, 03310 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

Delegación Gustavo A. Madero

  • Villa Mujeres. Margarita Maza de Juárez 150 Bis, La Patera Vallejo, 07710 Ciudad de México, CDMX.
  • Casa del peregrino. Eje 5 Nte Calz San Juan de ARAGON 63, Villa Gustavo A. Madero, 07050 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

Delegación Iztacalco

  • Sala de Armas de la Magdalena Mixihuca.
  • Casa del Adulto Mayor Elena Poniatowska. Calle 1 s/n, entre Guadalupe y talleres gráficos, Colonia Pantitlán.
  • Centro Social Fraccionamiento Coyuya. Av Coyuya s/n, esquina 1ero de mayo, Colonia Fraccionamiento Coyuya.
  • Casa de la Mujer Mariposas Iztacalco. Sur 20 y Oriente 227, Col Agrícola Oriental.

Delegación Iztapalapa

  • Coruña Jóvenes.

Delegación Magdalena Contreras

  • Calle Atacaxco.
  • Calle Cazulco.

En la ciudad de Puebla

  • Centro Expositor.
  • Centro de convenciones.

En la ciudad de Cuernavaca, Morelos

  • San Diego 501, Col. Vista Hermosa, Cuernavaca, Morelos.
  • Rufino Tamayo #46 col. Acapantzingo, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

En Jojutla, Morelos

  • La Perseverancia.
  • La Niños Héroes.
  • Hotel Monte Carló.

Esta lista se estará actualizando en este link. Ayuda a difundir esta información para que podamos con las redes sociales llegar a manos de todos usando el #FuerzaMéxico.


Tips for your wedding at the beach


White or light colors are always preferred for beach decorations, although strong colors like yellow or orange can create an ideal environment. It is important that when choosing the decoration take into account two elements: choose flowers that can withstand high temperatures and select furniture and centerpieces that withstand the wind and heat, so it is best to advise you with Someone expert in the subject to guarantee your tranquility and the comfort of the guests.


Take into account that it is not a good idea to do it in the hottest months of the summer unless the celebration takes place in the evening.


As for the appetizers choose those that do not need constant cooling and can be kept in good condition outdoors, if you choose fish and seafood make sure they are fresh and can be maintained the same way throughout the party.


Choose a lodging that offers all your needs for that special day. Do not forget that your guests will appreciate that you recommend them where to lodge at the destination. Such as, Posada Mariposa Hotel Boutique, is a great option for your guest or better for your honey moon in Playa del Carmen!

A wonderful experience in Riviera Maya is waiting for you!

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Bacalar, magic town in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Currently, Bacalar is a town dedicated primarily to tourism, developed between the lagoon where it is located and nearby Mayan archaeological sites and the city of Chetumal.

The main attraction of the city is the Laguna, on whose banks is you can swim, it also offers palapas to eat, boating on the lagoon and other services. The Museum of the Caste War is located in the old fort of San Felipe and shows weapons and objects of the founders of Bacalar and the struggle between them and the Mayan groups and pirate attacks suffered by the city. Another of the main attractions of the city is the Blue Cenote, located four kilometers south of the city, it is famous for the transparency of its waters, which you can see perfectly from the surface to a depth of over 30 meters, on the banks of cenote is a restaurant.

On October 2, 2007 the State Governor Felix Gonzalez Canto and the Secretary of Tourism of the state Gabriela Rodriguez Galvez reported that Bacalar was declared “Magic Town” by the Ministry of Tourism, which gives it access to a federal program and resources for infrastructure and international tourism promotion for this city in southern Quintana Roo.

Bacalar is 3 hrs away from Playa del Carmen and we recommend to visit because it’s really beautiful.

A perfect place to lodge in your visit to Riviera Maya is Posada Mariposa, in  Playa del Carmen.

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The route of the cenotes – La Ruta de los Cenotes

The route of the cenotes is located in Puerto Morelos, an immense road of almost 50 kilometers of dense jungle.
Many are the natural wonders that surround the route of the cenotes; underground rivers that feed the cenotes are filled with vegetation and amazing fauna.

Hidden places, where you can explore the mysteries of the Mayan underground world:

  • Cenote siete bocas
  • Cenote boca del puma
  • Cenote de las mojarras
  • Cenote verde lucero
    These are just some of the beautiful water eyes that exist in the route of the cenotes.

Hotel Boutique Posada Mariposa recommends you the best attractions of the Riviera Maya.


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Playa del Carmen walking sights

Playa del Carmen is synonymous of fun thanks to the hundreds of legendary and historical places that gives life to the paradise that today is Playa del Carmen.

Mamita’s Beach
It was founded in the year 2000, in its beginnings was only a modest restaurant and a small bar, today is the legendary beach club of Playa del Carmen. It host the best music festivals such as BPM and Corona Sunsets.

Xaman-Ha Aviary
It is a sanctuary of Mexican birds in Playacar, more than two hectares of space shelter. Perfect to visit with kids!

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Parish
One of the oldest places and also one of the most visited. Is located in the 5th Avenue with Juarez Avenue, in the corner of the first park created in playa del carmen. Dozens of weddings a year are hosted in this parish.

3D Museum of Wonders
Astonishing optical illusions are exhibited throughout this magnificent space. You don’t simply see the works on display—you are immersed in them and become part of the exhibit itself. Perfect to enjoy with your kids!

The cenotes are exclusive natural formations in the peninsula of Yucatan, it is estimated that there are more than 2400 near from Playa de Carmen.  A visit to these natural pools will refresh your days in a paradisiacal way.

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Cenotes, a “must” in your visit to Riviera Maya

The word “cenote” comes from the Maya dz’onot, meaning “cavern with water”. Cenotes are deep water reservoirs, feeding by  underground river currents.

In Quintana Roo the cenotes cover a territory of 61 km of caves, there are many that have not even been discovered.

The ancient Maya had a strong connection with the cenotes, also these were their source of water, and also considered entrances to the underworld.

These pools of crystalline water exist in few places in the world, and the Riviera Maya has the largest extension.

Thanks to the cenotes, archaeological diving had evolutionated. Apart from archaeological treasures, remains of prehistoric animals of species unknown in the region, such as horses, elephants, camels and giant armadillos have been found.   

Did you know that the cenotes are protected by mistic mayan guardians called Aluxes? Come to explore Centote’s world!

A great place for lodge during your trip in the Riviera Maya is Playa del Carmen! Posada Mariposa offers boutique accomodation in this magic town.

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Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya sights

Playa del Carmen has an excellent location in the Riviera Maya. It also has a magical tropical athmosphere. To help you with your itinerary, we show three great places to go:

1. The beaches of  Playa del Carmen
The beaches of Playa del Carmen  with white sand and turquoise sea.

2.  Sian Kan The Yucatán contains an abundance of eco-parks and natural reserves, but few compare to the breadth and natural wonder of Sian Ka’an. Just south of Tulum, the reserve contains more than 1.2 million acres of estuaries, reefs, cenotes and wetlands. Within the park, you can take tours of the local wildlife, take part in a diving or snorkeling tour or simply just walk around the beautiful and expansive park.

3. Cenotes
The cenotes are unique natural formations of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is estimated that there are over 2400 and close to Playa del Carmen you can visit many of them.

4. Akumal
Historically, the first tourist destination of the Riviera Maya, now is an excellent place for rest and relationship where you can go fishing, snorkeling and diving, or just take a short break in its quiet and beautiful beaches.

Lodge with luxury and discounts in Playa del Carmen:
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